St. Martin's Wrestling - Metairie, Louisiana

Most Valuable/Most Improved Wrestlers - 1979 to 2005

In 1979 Coach Al Trevino decided to recognize certain individuals annually as the St. Martin's wrestling team's Most Valuable and Most Improved wrestlers.

The first recipients in 1979 were Senior Canadian Mike Gloven (Most Valuable) and eighth-grader Alan Kirschbom (Most Improved).

Certain other individuals who graduated prior to 1979 should also be on this list, most notably Stuart Ostrolenk, Tommy Brannon and Martin James.  In the Webmaster's opinion, Steven Kantrow and Jeff Martin could easily be on this plaque.

Two wrestlers, Todd DeMonte and Hans Ryden, earned the Most Valuable honor three times.  Four others (Martin Muller,  Anders Ryden, Duke Kerrigan and Danny Navar) earned it twice.

One wrestler, David Grevemberg, earned the Most Improved honor three times (which does make one wonder).  Three others (Patrick Calhoun, Jonathan Schudmak and Stiles Anderson) earned it twice.

The plaque pictured at left is proudly displayed in the foyer of the Adkerson Gymnasium.


1979 Mike Gloven Alan Kirschbom
1980 Martin Muller Russell Levy
1981 Martin Muller Patrick Calhoun
1982 Alan Kirschbom Clay Tidwell
1983 Paul Kirschbom & Hans Ryden Patrick Calhoun
1984 Todd DeMonte Blake Stevens
1985 Todd DeMonte & Hans Ryden Brian Berke
1986 Hans Ryden Chris Grace
1987 Todd DeMonte David Grevemberg
1988 Brian Berke Jonathan Schudmak
1989 Anders Ryden David Grevemberg
1990 Anders Ryden Jonathan Schudmak
1991 Jonathan Schudmak David Grevemberg
1992 Sean Grace Stiles Anderson
1993 Stiles Anderson Brian Houghtaling
1994 Duke Kerrigan Stiles Anderson
1995 Duke Kerrigan Mario Caserta
1996 Marty Black Lea Perez, IV
1997 Danny Navar Peyton Cavorac
1998 Andy Chrestman Jonathan Coleman
1999 Danny Navar Scott Robinson
2000 Scott Robinson Tim Rosencrans
2001 Jonathan Coleman Eduar Medina
2002 Jason Fleming Justin Turner
2003 Blake Duplass Robert Graham
2004 Mark Rosencrans Allan Farber
2005 Hunter McMillan Hunter Hughes

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