St. Martin's Wrestling - Metairie, Louisiana

1981 - Coach Keith Hosli

State Results - 40 points, 12th of 14 Teams, Division II

Notables:    Martin Muller became the first St. Martin's wrestler to win a second state championship with a 4-2 victory over Robert Shelton of Jeanerette at 145#s.  Paul Kirschbom finished in sixth place.

Please note that the 1981 wrestling team also featured Bill Colomb, Arnesto Rodriguez, Alan Kirschbom and Paul Kirschbom.  However, the team was not covered in the yearbook and I need to do a little more work so it is not all about me. - Martin Muller

Relaxing after the finals with Robert Shelton (right) of Jeanerette and Kevin Iams of Grace King.
The match-winning switch in the second round to make the score 4-2.  The third period consisted of leg-riding stalling on my part that would make a Brother Martin Crusader proud.  Murphy's the night before might have been a bad idea.
Captain Martin Muller's senior year "Breakfast of Champions."

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