St. Martin's Wrestling - Metairie, Louisiana

  The Gathering  

February 10, 2007

Final Score:  Teurlings Catholic, 54 - St. Martin's Alumni, 0

Special thanks to:

 Ouida (Muller) Rellstab and Bill Rellstab for hosting the event and providing the sandwich smorgasbrd buffet, devilled eggs, brownies, chips and libations.

Judy and Ashleigh Serice (John's mother and sister) for the jambalaya.

Jessica Friedlander and Korie Wessinger for taking the photographs.

The first official St. Martin's wrestling reunion associated with this Website was held February 10th, 2007, at the River Ridge home of Bill and Ouida Rellstab.  Six wrestlers (Jack Gordon, Eric Groh, Kirk Groh, John Henry, Steve Kantrow and Martin Muller) and one coach (Al Trevino) attended, as did special friends Judy Serice, Ashleigh Serice, Jessica Friedlander, Paul Friedlander, Alex Friedlander and Korie Wessinger.  (Jones Dieth drove by.)

Then - 1980

Jack Gordon John Henry Martin Muller Colleen Kuebel & ?

132# State Champion Steve Kantrow Coach Al Trevino ('79) Kirk Groh
Now - 2007
[Standing] Jack Gordon ('80), John Henry ('80), Martin Muller ('81) & Eric Groh ('80).  [Seated] Steve Kantrow ('80), Head Coach "Don" Al Trevino ('73-'79) & Spirit Award Winner Kirk Groh ('80).

(It should be noted that Martin Muller made his senior year weight of 145#s with a few pounds to spare.  OK, technically John Henry made his weight as well.)

The Spirit Award goes to Kirk Groh for sporting a 1979-era St. Martin's warm-up top he evidently pilfered upon graduating the following year.

The conversation was naturally dominated by old yarns and anecdotes, and the conduct was restrained, as no one ended up grappling in the yard.  I hope that is a sign of simple maturity as opposed to an admission of early 40's frailty.

Around 6:30 p.m. John, Eric, Kirk, Steve and Martin went to the Pontchartrain Center to watch the state finals.  It was by far a much different atmosphere than the girl's gym at Baker.  There we saw former St. Martin's alumni John "Hack" Palmer ('80) and Greg Palmer ('81 - also a wrestler).  John's son Johnny was in the finals for Jesuit.  While he did not prevail this year, Johnny can still be proud of his accomplishment and can always remember 2006 when he won the state championship.

After the tournament the five of us went to some sports bar on Williams and Joe Yenni Boulevards for a little more reminiscing and libations.  After finding a nice quiet table we were promptly informed that we would soon be "booted" as a private party was expected shortly.  We thought it a little odd a few minutes later when a man with two very young daughters walked in the front door.  As we removed ourselves back to the bar, we were more surprised when the entire Teurlings Catholic wrestling contingent entered through the back door.  Our coaches and parents never took us to sports bars after state even though back then many of us were of legal age.

John Henry, Jack Gordon, Steve Kantrow and Kirk Groh posing for the camera.

John Henry, Martin Muller (background), Jack Gordon and Kirk Groh engaged in stimulating conversation.

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